The stonemason and stone sculptor

As stonemasons we take pride and joy in our trade. No matter what the object and its requirements – columns, fountains, solid stairs, bathroom designs, indoor and outdoor floor panels, facades – we strive to bring your personal conception of beauty in line with the unique characteristics of every type of stone through meticulous handicraft and modern machinery.

Boulders – the stone seekers

As stonemasons we process all of the stone types mined in the 20 quarries. However, the stones retrieved in these quarries by far don’t do justice to the diversity of our landscape. That’s why we are constantly searching for new material, carried to the valleys by creeks or unveiled during excavations.

Such boulder rocks are very special one-of-a-kinds that can be used in unique ways in architecture, thus lending your project an individual, personal touch. If you should hit rock or boulders during excavations, we can process them and integrate the material into your project design.