Natural stones from SouthTyrol

The landscape of South Tyrol is characterized by strong contrasts. In a limited space you can identify many types of stone. The African continental plate meets in this region the European and glides over the same, they bend the Alps; pressure, heat and erosion cause the continuous development of new rocks. 290 million years ago, for example, to a depth of 10 km of the granites crystallized. These granites over time have surfaced especially in the area of the Tauern window (Ahrntal). 280 million years ago they began very pronounced volcanic activity that helped form the plate porphyritic Bolzano. The limestone formations of Mount Schlern are globally one of the best preserved structures of prehistoric coral reefs. This area was repeatedly flooded by the waters of the sea, giving rise, with erosion and sedimentation in sedimentary rocks. The floods have affected deep valleys in the landscape and shaped the Dolomites. Gneiss, basalt, porphyry, marble, serpentinite, quartzite, granite and sandstone, very different in color and texture, they have surfaced next to each other. This landscape is our inspiration. Let us inspire you