Gröden Porphyry - bathroom, kitchen

Gröden Porphyry

Design of private house Labers in Meran. This project required finding a porphyry stone that would match the natural porphyry existent at the entrance of the house. One of the boulders from Gröden matched it very well in terms of color and hence was used for all the stone designs of the house. This boulder makes this project exclusive since the material has only been used for this particular job. In the entrance area the porphyry was laid in form of extensive panels, cut to match room dimensions. The kitchen was clad with 8mm-thick panels. For the bathroom we made solid sinks. The shower trays in the parents’ and the kids’ bathrooms are integrated flush with adjacent floor. A free standing shower partition wall divides the room.

Surface: flamed and brushed

Conceptual design: Designer Harry Thaler