Terlan Porphyry

Type: porphyry

Origin: Terlan, South Tyrol

Surface: sanded, polished, honed, sandblasted, pointed, grooved, flammed


The basic tint of the Terlan Porphyry is purple-pink or reddish, and depending on light incidence, its clasts are dark purple or beige. Striking are its numerous quartz crystals and its dark red “blobs”.
We dub this type the “wine porphyry” as the complete stone design of the Winery Terlan was implemented with this material. Also, this winery ascribes the longevity of their white wines to the high quartz content found in the local soil.



exteriors and interiors, floors, bathroom, stairs, facades, vast and solid units


unlimited floorong tiles, limited raw panel size ca. 2x2.6m, sizes on request