Sandstone of Meltina

Type: sandstone

Origin: Meltina, South Tyrol, Italy

Surface: rough-sawn face, sanded, resined and polished, honed, sandblasted


Mölten Sandstone also known as Gröden Sandstone will win you over with its naturalness, a calming beige color and of course its fossils hailing from dinosaur-dynasties. In the past, this stone was used mainly in sacred buildings (e.g. the cathedral of Bozen)but also in local farmhouses. Due to its timeless beauty, this unique material is celebrating a renaissance in modern architecture.

The Mölten sandstone is mined on an altitude of 1,800 meters, near the Sattlerhütte Hut above Mölten. The mining is carried out in 2 different ways: Mechanically, It is disengaged mechanically from the wall by pressure pads or it is cut from the wall with the mobile wire saw.


outdoor and indoor areas, floors, stairs, solid and vast creations, bathroom design, wall coverings, wall facing bricks, facades


unlimited; raw panel size 3x2m available in all thicknesses, all thicknesses also for vast and solid components