Andrian Porphyry

Type: porphyry

Origin: South Tyrol - Andrian

Surface: sanded, polished, honed, flamed, flamed and brushed


Andrian Porphyry, a robust and unique material, is mined close to our headquarters in Terlan. In the quarry it is found in two basic structures: either with clasts, as breccia, or without clasts. The clasts are fist-sized or larger, and they differ in color from the porphyry’s overall pink tint. The pink color is very characteristic of this porphyry when mined without clasts. 
While often used separately in projects, a combination of the two types may yield a congenial entity.
Quite easy to work and process manually, this porphyry has commonly been used mostly for exterior designs and landscaping, such as for stone walls or columns.


This type of porphyry lends itself to all kinds of projects, indoors as well as out.
Mining: Until recently, this stone was mined in the quarry of Andrian by the Zanchetta family. Currently, the mining has been halted but some remainders are still available .



Limited availability; contact us for raw panel sizes.