Laas Marble

Type: marble

Origin: Lasa, South Tyrol

Surface: sanded, polished, honed, sandblasted


Laas Marble consists of 95% calcite, has a microcrystalline and homogenous structure, and is robust and frost-resistant. This local native is considered to be one of the whitest and hardest marble types in world.

This marble type is available in the following versions:
Lasa Bianco Linie
Lasa Bianco Perla
Lasa Bianco Statuario
Lasa Bianco Classico
Lasa Bianco Ortles
Lasa Bianco Nuvolato
Lasa Bianco Nuvolato Forte

Lasa Venato Linie
Lasa Venato Vena D'Oro
Lasa Venato Vena Verde
Lasa Venato Fior di Melo
Lasa Venato Cevedale
Lasa Venato Arabescato


indoors and out, vast and solid designs , kitchen cover plates, facades


unlimited amount, blocks, raw panels, finished sized, floor panels in all thicknesses