Brixen Granite

Type: granite

Origin: Eisacktal Valley, South Tyrol

Surface: sanded, polished, honed, flamed, flamed and brushed


Brixen Granite is one of the most tradition-steeped natural stones in South Tyrol. Thanks to its frost-resistant and robust characteristics it has always been used for building structures (floors, stairs, large steps, stone veneer, bricks), wells or other larger compositions.
Granite is an intrusive rock (pluton) that originates below the surface of the earth as a result of magma solidification (igneous rock). Hence, like porphyry, granite is a magmatic rock. The difference in their formation lies in their cooling rates. While porphyry cools quite rapidly at the surface (volcanic eruptions), granite cools significantly slower at a subsurface depth of 2 km. Thus, crystals have more time to develop and are thus bigger, resulting in a clear and ordered structure.




This stone is frost-resistant and versatile, thus can be used for a variety of purposes such as for steps, window sills, floor covering and fountains.
Mining: Brixen Granite is a native of the Eisacktal valley: it was found here, retrieved here through excavation and is used here a great deal. This stone is not mined in a quarry, thus goes by definition of a boulder rock.


Raw panels at 1.5 * 1.85 m, thickness: 2 and 3 cm currently in stock. Contact us for other sizes.