Type: Marble

Origin: Val Passiria, South Tyrol, Italy

Surface: sanded, polished, honed, sandblasted, pointed, grooved


This marble type is characterized in particular by its large-crystalline structure. Marbling and structure of the Passeier marble is identical to the Sterzing marble, the latter however being better known by name.
Thanks to a relatively slow cooling rate during the formation of this rock, the crystals had time and space to grow. After polishing the surface, individual crystals of this marble become so particularly visible they almost seem tangible. Because of this structural characteristic and the marble’s white color, this stone is considered a very fine and noble material. Thus, the Passeier marble is much coveted amongst sculptors, but also lends itself perfectly for sophisticated living space design.


sacred space design, floors, tiles, countertops, bathrooms, shop design


rectangular floor panels or tiles (30-50cm), contact us for raw blocks and raw panel sizes