Tramin Dolomite – Boulder rock

Type: dolomite, limestone

Origin: Tramin, South Tyrol

Surface: sanded, brushed, bush-hammered


The miracle of Tramin.
The Tramin Dolomite was set loose by a rock slide in February 2014. The avalanche broke loose about 100 meters above a local farm, the Freisingerhof, and the rock was split into two humongous boulders. One of them crushed the farm building, while the other miraculously came to a halt about 1m before the farmhouse.
We used our mobile diamond wire saw to cut the entire material on-site into transportable blocks, which were then hauled to our workshop in Terlan. So, now we have all this wonderful material at our disposal to be used for interior design projects such as kitchen countertops, floors and bathroom designs.
Generally, dolomite is a limestone that consists purely of fossils (sedimentary remains of primordial ocean inhabitants). The Tramin Dolomite was formed approximately 220 million years ago.


kitchen countertops, bathroom, floors (esp. interior)


11.000m² in double panels, raw panels of 2.7m length in all thicknesses