Bozen Porphyry - outsold

Type: porphyry

Origin: Bozen, South Tyrol

Surface: sanded, polished, honed, flamed, flamed and brushed


This natural stone has its very own and unique history. During excavations for an annex at the Hölzlhof farm in Moritzing near Bozen, workers hit upon rock. Efforts to remove the rock through chiseling were unsuccessful but affected the old farmhouse.
So, we were called to come take a look at the rock. After inspection, we decided to cut it out with a mobile diamond wire saw. The rock was removed and as a result, the farmhouse’s wine cellar now boasts a natural, authentic rock floor. Additionally, the stone was used in the new building’s interior design of the stairway, window sills, bathroom, and kitchen countertops.

Bozen porphyry is mainly colored in the characteristic red of the local porphyry slabs. It is a boulder rock, retrieved at a farm. Its rather unusual white clasts emphasize this porphyry’s unique appearance.

Mining: Boulder rock mined at the Hölzlhof farm in Moritzing




Interiors, floors, bathrooms, stairs, spa areas


Sizes: 2.5x2m; all sizes and thicknesses possible. Total volume: 630m³